Love the Lord - Encounter Christ - Serve all people

Welcome to Christ The King Parish

Christ The King Parish Mission:

‘Love the Lord, Encounter the Lord, Serve all people’ 

Our Parish History:

Christ the King parish was established with the appointment of Father Emmett Mooney as Pastor by Archbishop M.C. O’Neill on September 3, 1955. Mass was celebrated in the basement of neighboring St. Pius X school for the next sixteen months. Midnight of December 24, 1956 saw our community’s first Mass celebrated in our new church. Over the years the complex has grown to include the front tower, parish hall, offices, the Parish Centre and the rectory.

The faith community of Christ the King includes the entire area enclosed by Albert Street and Regina Avenue and extending to the city limits. We currently are home to approximately 1,230 households and look forward to welcoming many more into our family of faith.