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Ministry of Care

 “To give those who are ill, through our care, a reason to hope” 

Our Mission: 

Our Ministry of Care serves the elderly and ill, particularly those who are confined to their home, a private care home, long-term care, hospital or hospice.

In addition, through GRIEFShare, we provide help and encouragement after the death of a loved one, and DIVORCECare, accompanies those suffering the pain and trauma of separation or divorce. 

Our Vision: 

Continue the work of Christ by providing Lay-led Liturgy and bringing Holy Communion to the sick.

Our Presence: 

For those who can no longer attend Mass, we aim to make them know that they are loved by God and not forgotten by their parish family. Our witness is to the dignity of life itself; showing that we love, care for and value the sacrifice of each member at the time of his or her greatest vulnerability. Dozens of dedicated parishioners generously volunteer to reach out through the ADORE Prayer Ministry, the Prayer Shawl Ministry, the CARE Call Ministry and CARE Card Campaigns.

Our Invitation to Parishioners 

Christ the King parish provides a unique opportunity to engage in ministry.

  • be involved in Lay-led Liturgies at the long-term care facilities
  • become a Lay Pastoral Visitor, bringing Holy Communion to isolated parishioners
  • use your gift of music and speaking tp preside at the Liturgy, or provide a Gospel reflection
  • join our Prayer Shawl Ministry or donate yarn
  • help spread the news about our13 week Christ-centered DivorceCare and GriefShare sessions, offered yearly 

*During Covid-19 you can:

  • Become a part of one or our life-giving outreaches or ministries
  • Pray for us, and consider a donation for the purchase of yarn or another ministry needs
  • Make home-made rosaries or cards for our CARE Card Outreach

Pastoral Care Coordinator Report  PDF June 2020

Hospitality Desk PDF January 2019

2020 Report on 2019 PDF

Caregivers’ Prayer

Here I am, Lord.

I seek your vision and strength.

I call upon your steadfast love.

For you are with me in my desire

To care for and comfort your people.

Open my eyes to see sorrow.

Open my ears to hear distress.

Open my heart to love patiently

Open my lips to speak kindly.

Walk with me Lord, and guide me.

Renew my spirit and bless my work.

Strengthen me to care for the ill.

Inspire me to see new horizons.

Fill my heart with hope.

You have heard my prayer.

Sandra Lucas - Humility of Mary Health Partners

The National Association of Catholic Chaplains