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Liturgy & Worship

Liturgy Chair - Diana Lee 

Our parish offers many opportunities for our parishioners to become more involved in the celebration of the Mass. We encourage all members of our parish, young and old, to prayerfully consider offering your special time and talents to serving at one of our Masses. We provide training in all Liturgical Ministries so you need not have any prior experience. We offer several different Liturgical Ministries for parishioners to become more involved in the Mass. By volunteering you are committing to being scheduled during your preferred Mass time for six months.

Altar Servers & Acolytes - Alex Thompson 

Did you know that at one time the ministry of Altar Serving was reserved for those who were already ordained and on their way to becoming priests? It is still an extremely important ministry dedicated to maintaining the beauty and flow of the mass. Open to all young people from grades 4 and up, as well as to adults or whole families who wish to help with any of our masses, Altar serving is a wonderful opportunity to give the gift of your self to the rest of your Christ the King family.

Children's Liturgy - Eyton Embury

Offered at 2 weekend Masses Saturday at 5pm and Sunday at 11am. From September to June our youngest members (aged 3 -accompanied & aged 4-5 unaccompanied), are invited to their own celebration of God’s word. Children hear and respond to the Gospel story through actives and crafts. If you love kids and can spare 20 minutes in a weekend Mass, every now then, Eyton would love to hear from you. This volunteer role in the ministry is open to young people aged 12 and up.

Decor - Deanne Stawarz

Do you have flare for decorating? Do you enjoy getting together with other creative people in a dynamic and fun atmosphere? Then church decor is the group for you. Help set the mood for all our celebrations using flowers, plants, colors and symbols that reflect the themes present in our Liturgical celebrations. 

Decor is a ministry that happens behind the scenes but makes a huge impact on our worship. This committee works throughout the year to ensure the environment in which we celebrate matches the Church season and seasons of the year.

Without this group, what you see in our church for decor would remain the same for Christmas, Lent, Easter, summer & fall. This dedicated group of people is always welcoming new team members, young or old, male or female we invite you to share your gifts and talents and help this committee provide our parishioners with environment and decor that encourages our worship. The more hands the lighter the load.

Eucharistic Ministers - Leslie Bens

Bread and Cup ministers are those who distribute the Precious Body and Precious Blood of Christ during our weekend and weekday masses. Those who share this special ministry are also responsible for purifying the cups, decanter and ciborium to ensure they are ready for the next mass.

Greeters & Usher - Arnold James 

The members of this ministry team help to establish a climate of openness and welcome by helping people to be comfortable in the church and with one another and encouraging them to be participants rather than spectators. This ministry includes greeters, who ensure that everyone coming to mass meets a friendly face upon walking through the door, and ushers who keep the flow of people in and out of the church running smoothly. Ushers also help gather the weekly collections as well as in the handing out of bulletins after mass.

Lectors - Diana Hawryluk

These men, women, and young people proclaim the Word of God so that each member of the Body of Christ can live the challenge of this Word in their daily lives. Proper preparation and understanding of the biblical text is essential for this ministry.

Mass Coordinators - Diana Lee 

Mass Coordinators are an essential part of successful weekend Liturgies at Christ the King. Coordinators switch on the lights, check that required items have been placed in the sanctuary, and check that all liturgical ministers have arrived. After mass coordinators check to see that sacred vessels have been purified, check that doors are locked and the lights are off. If you are skilled at keeping others ‘on-task’ the your help is definitely needed as a Mass Coordinator!

Music Ministry - Jennifer Calnek

Our Music Ministry works alongside the Liturgy Committee in selecting music that accents the themes present in our celebrations and works hard to inspire the participation of the congregation in our services. At present we have several different choirs active in the parish. If you enjoy leading people in song, one of these should fit your needs.

Tech Ministry - Diana Lee / Deacon Kevin

Our Tech Ministry works alongside the Liturgy & Music Committees in preparing slideshows, running slideshows and live streaming to the congregation in our parish and at-home services.