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Do you have flare for decorating? Do people often confuse your home style with Joanna Gaines or Martha Stewart’s? Do you enjoy getting together with other creative people in a dynamic and fun atmosphere? Then church decor is the group for you. Help set the mood for all our celebrations using flowers, plants, colors and symbols that reflect the themes present in our Liturgical celebrations. 

Decor is a ministry that happens behind the scenes but makes a huge impact on our worship. This committee works throughout the year to ensure the environment in which we celebrate matches the Church season and seasons of the year.

Without this group, what you see in our church for decor would remain the same for Christmas, Lent, Easter, summer & fall. This dedicated group of people is always welcoming new team members, young or old, male or female we invite you to share your gifts and talents and help this committee provide our parishioners with environment and decor that encourages our worship. The more hands the lighter the load. 

If you are interested, please contact Jeannette Olsen